Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Northern Cal and into San Fran--part 4

So I'm traveling down Highway 101 again and suddenly see a sign pointing to the right that reads "Mendicino Coast." I take that road, hoping it will take me to Mendicino, California, where I am to stay the night.

Soon thereafter I regret taking this road because it is so curvy--curvier and much longer than the Tail of the Dragon in East Tennessee! After many miles, finally I come to a tiny community and stop to ask some locals if this road will take me to Mendicino and if there are many more curves left?? The answer to both questions is "yes." "Just stay on this road and you will evenually come to Mendicino." Though the afternoon is wanning, I decide to relax and to be incredibly patient with this curvy road.

Then suddenly, I am on the coast again! I am on the famous Highway One! The dramatic scenery takes my breath away! The beauty of the coast I can somewhat capture below, but not the golden loveliness of the "sea oats" blowing in the wind to the left of the coastal road. That image will stay in my mind's eye.

The Mendicino Coast

Since it's nearly dark when I get to the town of Mendocino, I walk around it that evening but have to mostly appreciate the small Victorian town/village of Mendicino the next morning. I love it! It's full of cottages and cottage gardens! And the whole town is walkable!

Outside my small b & b.

Mendocino is surrounded on three sides with views like this.

One side of the town of Mendicino

Thankfully, I have been directed to another road to take out of the town late that morning that will take me back to Highway 101 and to San Franciso! That road goes through sunny wine country with miles and miles of fields of grapes and more grapes--impossible to capture their beauty and fragrance in a photo.

Eventually, I arrive in San Franisco and as with coming into Portland, Oregon, I am treated to an image of the skyline of the city and to the famous Golden Gate Bridge! I realize that both countryside and cities are beautiful from a distance. One is God-made and the other God-made through the minds and hands of man.

In San Fran, I stay at the Zen Center, a perfect place to stay for peace--an island in the midst of the busyness and noise and excitment of SF! Getting there takes me up, up, up and down, down, down some of SF"s well-known streets. The Zen Center is near Hayes Street, a perfect place to walk to for meals and shopping and sight seeing.

This indoor/outdoor meditation patio/garden is part of the Zen Center!

Here is the room for yoga.

While in San Francisco, I go to the Janpanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Bridge Park, for I have been told that there is a life-size Buddha statue there, and I want to see it.

I love the Buddha and don't want to leave it or the lovely garden. I stay there for a couple hours and have a tasty lunch and fortune cookies with jasmine tea!

Besides staying at the Zen center, near Hayes Street, and walking and lunching at the Japanese Tea Gsrden, another highlite of my time in San Fran is having dinner with a former student of mine--Michael Abrams, who had recently moved there! It was so good to see a familiar face, and he is a delightful young man.We enjoy catching up with one another.

With tears in my eyes, the next morning I say farewell to San Francisco and to the whole west coast experience and to my incredible 10-day journey. For the first time, while on a trip, I am not particularly enthused about returning home. Once home, I will have time to explore that emotion.

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  1. So how is it you didn't ask me to accompany you?I hope you are well and happy. Ellen seems to be thriving and I am so proud of her. Maybe on day we can all get together for dinner? I'd love to see you Laura.It has been so long.
    Best Wishes, X-man